Yes – Budgeting….Taking control of your finances 101 – see where the $$ are going. There are a bunch of budget templates out there. Find one that you like, and complete it. has a very good one.

Pro Tip:

Re-visit your bank statements (ideally 6 – 12 months worth) an complete this very thoroughly.

A lot of banks also have Money Trackers available once you login – this can also help.

Take your time, and be honest with yourself. This way you can see were you money had gone over the last year. Now, Ideally you have more income than expenses (Surplus) or at least breaking even…

Now that you have noted own your expenses, and can see where your money has gone, it might be time for a reality check.

“$1,820 a year on coffee” he thought to himself in horror….

Documenting your expenses might be enough to make you think twice on certain items and implement some restrictions…

Otherwise, we have a simple framework the you can follow…60-20-20


of your take home pay can be attributed towards your general living expenses – for example, rent (less than 30% of total income ideally), groceries, phone, internet, car, fuel etc etc… the essentials


of your take home pay to go towards eating out, drinks with pals, new clothes, cinemas/Netflix, and all that stuff… the fun stuff


of your take home pay to go towards savings. This can be for a short term goal (eg holiday) or longer term (house deposit) – also to act as your emergency fund… Emergency funds should account for 2 months living expenses…