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At Finance Industries we are lucky enough to team up with

NewWave Advice for all your financial advice needs.


The experienced team at NewWave Advice have seen both the good sides and bad sides of the financial planning industry. From this past experience, we understand what clients value from their adviser in both the short and longer terms and the team has designed an Advice experience and level of service that will ensure the client is provided the tools and knowledge to make most the most of their financial position, as well as put in place the right things to maximise their long term outcomes.


New Wave Advice is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking Financial Advice firm using technology to tailor the advice process. Based on the Gold Coast, we look after clients both locally and nationwide.

We pride ourselves on ensuring great value, great service and even better outcomes.

Our passion, knowledge and dedication sees that every client receives the best possible experience. Access to high quality advice regarding all things financial!
We started this business because like you, we understand that there is always a better way of doing things.

New Wave Advice was established to help people create the life they wanted. Not to be held back by confusion, stress or overwhelmed with their personal finances.

Our approach is in plain English where we will help you cut through the noise. With the goal for people to make smarter money choices. You will be guided and supported through life’s key financial decisions. Helping empower you to set a unique path, tailored to your own objectives. With the confidence and knowledge that our experienced team are with you at every step.

Our Fees are customised and based on your advice requirements and are upfront and honest with you at every step. We will provide a quote before we do the work, so there are no surprises.Minimum fees start from $550.

Combining technology with experience, the team at New Wave Advice we can take the stress out of your budget and cash flow management and put you in control of your finances.

We can help by providing a clear snapshot of where you are and illustrate the path you’re currently on, and then provide alternative scenarios based on simple, but effective changes.

The budgeting process begins by understanding your exact  inflows and outflows. Money Smart provide a free budget spreadsheet that can help categorise your finances. Once we have a clear snapshot, we can clarify your goals and design a unique path to illustrate how you can achieve your goals. A clearly defined budget will give you control of your money and allow you to reach the goals you want whether they be:

-Paying down debt
-Being able to holiday regularly
-Save for your first home or investments
-Put money aside for your children
-Or simply build up a cash buffer

Superannuation is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, but rarely gets the attention it deserves. With expert advice in relation to fees, performance and value for money, we help you enjoy the best possible retirement.

We will work with you to identify an appropriate investment mix, a service level that meets your preferences, as well as the ongoing advice and support to ensure your superannuation is working hard for you.

New Wave Advice can assist with:

-Finding lost super
-Consolidating multiple accounts
-First Home Super Saver (FHSS) Scheme
-Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
-Salary sacrificing
-Pension strategies into retirement
-Sustainable superannuation
-Downsizer contributions

With a tailored approach to investment planning that considers your personal goals, timeline, and preferences, we can help you build wealth and navigate a complicated area of personal finances.

With so much information available, it can often be overwhelming attempting to make sense of it all. Firstly, we can help you understand the various options and asset classes. We can help you make sense of all investment options including:

-Cash Savings
-Term Deposits
-Fixed Bonds
-Investment Bonds
-Managed Funds
-Passive and Active Investments

From there, we will identify the best approach for you to achieve your desired outcomes. We will provide ongoing advice and support to ensure this continues to meet your needs and expectations.



You most likely have car insurance, you probably take out travel insurance when you go overseas, and if you own a house, you probably have home and contents cover.

Your ability to earn an income is the most important asset you own – yet the majority of Australian’s don’t insure this.

We, as Financial Advisers, can do the best plan for you – but most plans are underpinned by your assumed ability to earn an income. Insure it! Otherwise, should your income cease, your plan will fail, and the repercussions of this can be financially devastating to you and your family!

Insurance is complicated. Insurance products aren’t the same between all providers, and it is important to receive advice – so that when/if you need to claim, you aren’t left hanging.

We can talk to you about different benefits, how much cover is appropriate and also how to fund the policy premiums.

Life Insurance – Pays out if you die, or if you are terminally ill.
Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance – Pays out if you can never work again due to an injury or illness
Trauma or Critical Illness insurance – Pays out on diagnosis of a range of medical conditions, such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke plus many more.
Income Protection insurance – Pays a monthly benefit to you if you are sick or injured and unable to work. This benefit can be long term or short term.

The earlier you take action on your retirement planning, the higher the likelihood of enjoying the retirement you want.

Putting in the correct plan, no matter your age, can make an enormous difference to the quality of your life throughout retirement. Your “future-self” will thank you for the changes you make today.

We can assist you with a tailored and flexible advice solution on:

-Transition to retirement strategies
-Tax and contribution strategies
-Cash flow and debt management
-Superannuation vs SMSF

In the past, most Australians didn’t think about what their money was doing. Well, beyond making them more money, that is.

However, in recent years a surge in community interest in social causes – from labour conditions to medical innovation to climate change – has created a seismic shift in the investment scene.

In fact, nearly half of investments in Australia in recent times have been made ethically, with consumer demand the major driver.

Any investment where an individual or company has chosen to invest in line with their values can be said to be called ethical.

In formal terms, this refers to a process which takes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into account when researching, analysing, and selecting investments.

However, from this point the definition becomes blurry, as these ESG values vary from person to person.

For example, you might have a moral issue financing a company that is involved in the destruction of old-growth forests. However, you may have no qualms in supporting a company which manufactures alcohol.

What’s important is your investment factors in these values and your money supports companies and activities you like, not dislike.



Breathe easier and let us help you with your financial needs. Whether it is combining your super funds, financial management, putting in place an adequate protection plan or planning your retirement, we are here to help…

NewWave Advice – Gold Coast Financial Advisers


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For more information please visit www.newwaveadvice.com.au



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