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At FIA, our goal is to help hard working people acquire their dreams by developing tailored plans to help pay off debt sooner; securing a comfortable lifestyle and to build wealth.

We offer a unique range of services and financial products including home loans, car loans, personal loans and equipment finance.

Our team work closely with you in delivering what matters to you – whether it be owning your home, saving money for your children’s education, or working towards a comfortable retirement. We will develop a tailored plan with flexibility to account for any changes or road bumps along the way..

We provide the convenience of one contact point for a broad range of financial services and so much more.

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Fabian Restaino

Principal & Finance Manager

I have long had a passion for the finance industry, and have accrued many years of experience. Since starting Finance Industries, I have diversified and now provide a comprehensive range of financial advice to help clients save both time and money with their mortgages, personal loans and car loans and much more.

 I love the relaxed lifestyle and beauty of the fast growing Gold Coast. I work closely with the local community in many ways, such as helping other businesses grow, educating the students of local Primary Schools and High Schools, working with the Varsity Lakes Community Sports House as Chairman of the board, and running charity events. I strongly believe that every Australian deserves access to quality financial advice, no matter your age or financial position. My team shares this mission, we love what we do and we work hard to put smiles on people’s faces.

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Anne-Marie Tonkin

Senior Finance Broker

As a young mother with a mortgage and a small family, I connect personally with clients. I purchased my first home at a very young age so I understand the concerns most people have. I actively assist people at every step of their financial journey to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. My personal experience and industry knowledge has helped me assist my clients on a personal and professional level.

I was always told ‘you can’t’, so I aim to break through the barrier of ‘I can’t’ to prove ‘I can!’. And I look forward to helping you do the same.

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Robert Bologna


Senior Finance Broker


I have been in the finance industry since 2005. I work closely with each and every client to fully understand their goals and motivations in order to provide individually tailored financial advice that you can feel completely comfortable about. I pride myself in not only helping to set up a goal or strategy but in continuing to provide ongoing advice and service throughout both your working life and retirement.


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 Samantha Law

  Senior Finance Broker

  In 2015 I began my finance career within one of the major banks, predominantly focusing on business banking. Having discovered my true passion in the finance industry, I then moved to fully immerse myself in mortgage broking, working with one of Australia’s biggest nonbank lenders in 2017. Having already seen many changes in the ever evolving lender policies and finding that more often than not, banks are not living up to expectations, I am exceedingly motivated to helping my clients along the path towards achieving their present and future financial security.

 I pride myself on delivering solutions to help my clients achieve their financial freedom . I believe with the right amount of perseverance, ongoing dedication and support, together, we can make it happen!




Caitlin Giles-Banks

Finance Team Leader 

Being in the mortgage industry for the past 14 years, I thrive on assisting clients reach their financial goals, whether it be purchasing their first home, investment & wealth creation or refinancing & debt consolidation to put money back in their pockets, the satisfaction of a client’s excitement of ‘getting ahead’ always makes me smile.

Having an intermediate understanding of the lending world and the ever-changing policies of the finance industry, I walk our clients through the approval & settlement process ensuring they are comfortable, understanding and confident that we have their best interests at heart along with their unique, individual goals & objectives.  My mission statement is that a positive attitude creates the energy to deliver & achieve. 

Dylan Miller

Client Support Manager

I have always had a passion for the finance industry. After growing up watching my parents build up an investment property portfolio, I was eager to learn as much as I can about finance and how I can help other families become financially stress-free.

The best part about what I/we do here at Finance Industries Australia is when we’re able to change a family’s life. Knowing you have helped a family become stress-free and debt-free as soon as possible whilst holding their hand throughout the whole process is a priceless feeling. I look forward to helping you achieve your desired financial goals as well.


Mikhael Cameron

Client Support Manager

Being a young homeowner myself, I understand the challenges of owning a home and being financially stable. I am passionate about helping everyday Australians improve their financial position or purchasing their own first home. Every day I am able to improve the lives of many families by consolidating their debt or reducing their mortgage, and this is by far the most rewarding part of my job.

I live on the Gold Coast with my family. In my spare time, I love keeping fit and healthy, lazing around at the beach or renovating our home. Friends and family are also an important part of my life –  I am passionate about helping them in any way that I can.



Chris Duffy

Customer Service Manager 

Over the course of my 12-year career, I’ve worked for companies such as Asset Finance, Wealthbuild Australia, Premium Private Wealth, Homecorp Developments and National Advice Network in the finance and superannuation sectors.

In 2019, I took on the Customer Support Manager role at Finance Industries Australia to help improve the lives of everyday families and the Australian people through mortgage reduction and debt consolidation, which resonates onto our clients through the professionalism of our powerful team, followed closely by ongoing support and client management.

My approach to our clients is largely inspired by upper management, their support and outstanding flawless systems and procedures. 

Melodie Juventin

Customer Support Manager 

I have a passion for helping everyday Australians realise their dreams, whether it is to set up a comfortable and stable nest egg for their family or build wealth through property. I have myself started investing in property at a young age, it hasn’t been an easy journey. As a young mother, I understand everyday challenges families can have, and this is why I am dedicated to helping as many Australians as I can on their financial journey.

I started my career in the finance industry over 7 years ago after graduating from Bond University. Throughout the years, I have acquired experience in wealth creation, budgeting and cash flow management.

When I am not at work, you can find me on bike strolls along the Gold Coast beaches with my family or dancing Tahitian dance.

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