One destination,
many paths

In an industry obsessed with deals and transactions, we stand for something different. Our goal? To be a financial services hub that stands by you for life; providing a single destination for all your needs – lending services and so much more. We ditched the suits and brought in the human – with all the financial know-how.

One Finance Hub

All your needs under one roof, making finance simple.

Big-Picture Thinking

Piecing together the complete picture, so everything fits you.

Going the Extra Mile

Going above & beyond expectations, forging a lasting partnership.

Act on Insight

No cookie-cutter solutions here, just tailored advice built on understanding.

Education First

Education is our first step, empowering your financial decisions.

Personal Touch

Get treated like one of the family, without question.

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Ever wonder if you’re getting the best deal with your current loan? Whether it’s for your home, your wheels, or your insurance, there might be a sweeter financial offer out there for you.


Our FIA experts have your back. We’ve got a web of connections with lenders, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll find the finest finance solution for you. Our team of brokers evaluates every application on its own merits, ensuring you get the best deals.

Meet the team

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Fabian Restaino

Principal & Finance Manager

Giuliana Restaino

Client Support Manager

What we stand for

Excellence Setting a new industry
Partnership Forging real
Integrity Earning trust at
every step
Impact Leaving a positive,
lasting mark
Innovation Pioneering new
Education Empowering informed
Community Giving back,
making change

We care about the community!

At Finance Industries Australia, we believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we roll up our sleeves and actively support community groups and initiatives. Explore what we’ve been up to lately.

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