The Power of Pre-Approval

The market has shifted. Now is the time to place yourself in a stronger negotiating position, and take advantage of what is on offer.

Securing finance approval will put you one step ahead of the game. It will help you understand your borrowing capacity and get you the green light from a lender, that they will loan you up to a certain amount.

6 ways pre-approval can benefit you:

  1. You can take advantage of the market.
  2. You are prepared and ready to buy at auction, allowing you to bid with confidence.
  3. Sellers can see that you are a serious buyer. A buyer with a pre-approved loan is a far surer bet than someone who has yet to arrange their finances.
  4. You know your borrowing capacity so you can narrow your property search and find the dream home that best suits your budget.
  5. Pre-approval is valid for up to three months. If you are unable to find your dream home during this time, reapplying with Finances Industries Australia is easy.
  6. It costs nothing to secure pre-approval.

Getting started:

FIA will work with you to assess your individual situation, define your personal goals and discuss your options. Loan Market has access to a panel of over 60 banks and lenders. FIA negotiates with them directly on your behalf, to ensure you get the best rates and overall agreement. There is no cost to you, as FIA is paid by the lender you choose.

For further information on how FIA can help you get pre-approved and ready to buy – contact us today!